BlindSider Hunting Blind

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It’s a simple concept…


Blindsider blinds are one-piece, roto-molded poly plastic. There are no seams—it’s a weathertight seal that won’t allow seepage and moisture entry. The environment inside our deer blinds is a step up in comfort.

The Blindsider Hunting Blind from Better Way Outdoor Products is built right here in the USA. Our blinds offer all the features hunters are looking for.

Base Packages: $2,500

Eight-sided hunting blind on grass

Eight-sided blind made from roto-molded poly plastic

Hunting blind with vertical bow window

Nearly 360° of visibility

Man with arms outstretched in hunting blind

Generous size—6′ wide by 7′ tall—gives two adults room to stand and stretch

Closeup of hunting blind lock

Locking latched door

Start your order today, and buy the deer blind designed for the long haul.

Man drawing bow in hunting blind

Spacious enough for a full bow draw

Sealed interior ceiling of hunting blind

Tight seal keeps heat in and prevents scent from escaping and warning deer in the area of your presence

Four hunting blinds in a row

Arrives fully assembled and ready to place

Hunting blind mounted on deer stand tower on hillside

Suitable for ground placement or mounting on an elevated deer stand tower of your choice

Hunting Blind Window Packages


All windows in this model are 12″ x 36″ bow windows. These windows have the most vertical clearance to shoot a traditional or compound bow from. The taller opening means the bottom of the window is lower, allowing for the steeper downward angle often needed when bow hunting. Shooting a gun out of the Archer is also easy.


Our most popular model, the Crossbow features vertical bow windows in the corners and 14″ x 24″ tip-down windows on the side and front. This configuration is a versatile combination of windows and is an ideal fit for all gun, crossbow, and bow hunters.


This blind is popular with gun hunters. It utilizes our 14″ x 24″ sliding windows, which are the quietest to open. Since these windows slide instead of swing, very little motion is required to open them. Just crack them enough to get your barrel out and shoot. This configuration features bow windows in the corners if you want to use this blind for other weapons. Hunters will also appreciate the Rifleman on cold days when they want to keep the windows shut.


The Sentinel is similar to the Rifleman, but it features larger windows. At 24″ x 24″, the windows are nearly twice as big, providing more visibility and a larger shooting hole. These windows do require two hands to open if they are completely closed. If you like plenty of visibility, this blind is for you.


With our blinds, any window can be installed on any side. We will customize any window to order for $100 per blind. This fee is waived on orders of three or more identical blinds.

All windows are real glass with a smoke tint. Both the window and the frame are aluminum clad, so there is nothing that will deteriorate. Unlike polycarbonate, our glass stays clear.

  • 12″ x 36″ bow/swing open. Vertical ONLY.
  • 14″ x 24″ swing. Swings down. Can swing up or to the side. Entire side opens.
  • 14″ x 24″ slider. Mounts horizontally. Both sides open, but only one at a time.
  • 24″ x 24″ slider. Creates a 12″ wide x 24″ vertical opening. Same features as 14″ x 24″ slider.

Blindsider Add-on Options

Large Rubber Mat

Upgrade the mat in your Blindsider.


Constructed of sturdy steel tubing and cross-braced.


Add the swivel chair we love.